Maximize your promotion marketing budget with the Promotion Engine

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Lower promotional spend

Leverage custom data in your promotion workflows to prevent you from overspending on the wrong customer segments.

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Maximize sales revenue

Reach people at the right time, with personalized promotions based on their behavior and data from your application.

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Increase EBITDA

Reduce your promotional cost by up to 50% and increase promotional sales by up to 20% to boost your EBITDA margin.

The promotional solution for marketing teams

All your promotion challenges solved in one API

Talon.One is the first Promotion API that meets the needs of any scaling application. The Promotion Engine offers coupon, discount, loyalty, referral, and product bundling solutions all in one place.

First Promotion Engine for marketers

Save your marketing budget using the easy-to-use Campaign Manager and launch engaging promotional campaigns without relying on deliver resources.

Data-driven campaigns

Analyze your promotional performance through real-time data. Customer statistics and event logs help you to track the usage.

Analysis and performance tracking

Analyze your campaign performance in real-time and track important metrics and KPIs. Optimize top performing campaigns instantly and develop meaningful insights based on granular reporting and customer insights.

Discover campaign ideas for inspiration

Read great examples of how marketers can build targeted and effective promotions.

Travel example:

10% off on a sunny destination when it’s raining in departure town.

Give a 10% discount with a coupon, which is only valid if customers book a flight to a sunny destination while it currently rains in departure town.

Entered coupon code is valid
Arrival city's weather is
Integrate weather data via the API and use them as custom attributes
Departure city's weather is
Integrate weather data via the API and use them as custom attributes
& item(s)
Set a of

E-Marketplace example:

Time-limited product bundle.

Get a small drink (SKU D011) for free if you order a Pizza with Salami (SKU P012) and a mixed Salad (SKU S059) between 12pm and 2pm.

Any items
Any items
Start time is and end time is
Add a free item to cart with

E-Commerce example:

Add the 10th purchase for free and automatically send a „Thank you“ email.

Give away the 10th order of a customer for free. The order order has to be below 20€. Automatically send an email saying „Thank you for being a great customer“ after the 10th purchase.

Total orders
Total cart value is and
Set a of
Send an email with the text
Use webhooks and include external effects. Connect with your email provider and send emails if your pre-defined conditions match.

On-demand example:

Refer a paying subscriber.

A friend and the advocate get a 10% off - lasting for as long as both parties are paying subscribers.

Referral link is valid
Referral link is valid
Customer segment is
Customer segment is
active subscriber
active subscriber
Set a of
Set a of

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Trigger targeted promotions at the right time, for the right customer

We help marketers launch personalized promotions based on behavioral and demographic data.

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Promotion strategies should be carefully designed and implemented to avoid losing all your profits on the wrong customer. Giving away free products generates a spike in new users, but is not a profitable long term solution. Arbitrary discounting is an expensive but avoidable marketing mistake.

The Talon.One Promotion Engine allows you to build and deploy highly targeted promotional campaigns so you can stop abusing your marketing budgets.

A promotion solution for successful marketers

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